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Tomorrow is Her Day



Tomorrow night, many of us will get together to talk about her.  She’s been known for decades and always seemed to be in her husband’s shadow.  But tomorrow, she’ll be brought to the fore.

Monday is the anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe’s wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka – the wife of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

There are many wonderful stories of the Rebbetzen.  One of my favorites is that once, someone sent flowers to her with a note asking for a blessing.  When the person delivering the flowers saw the note, he assumed that the note was to go to the Rebbe, not his wife.  When the Rebbe saw the note, he looked at the chasid and said, “She can also give blessings.”

Many times it’s easy to overlook the Rebbetzin as the “first lady” and not the one in the limelight.  And, truth be told, she didn’t seem to like being a public figure.  Many didn’t even know what she looked like because she was such a private person.

This is such a powerful lesson.  So often we want to be recognized for our accomplishments and congratulated for the good we’ve done.  But more important is that we did good, not the accolades.  In fact, one of the greatest mitzvot (if not THE greatest) is tzedakah.  And the best way to do this mitzvah is to do it anonymously.

Don’t worry, when you donate, you can let me know you want it to be anonymous and I won’t publish your name 😉

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