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The Leaders Formerly Known as Princes


We’ve finally entered Nissan, my favorite month (and not just because the morning and afternoon prayers are shorter).

This is the month of redemption.  With Passover on the horizon, everyone’s in high gear getting ready for the celebration.  But that’s two weeks away.  Why is the whole month great?

Well, there are several reasons.  One is something that happens AFTER Passover.  The following year, the Mishkan (desert temple) was erected by Moses on the first day of Nissan. This brought tremendous joy as G-d’s presence was felt among the people in a more tangible way.  Then, for 12 days, each of the twelve tribes gave their donations to the Mishkan, fulfilling the purpose of it’s construction.

This offering of the 12 tribal leaders is commemorated today by saying the “Nasi” after our prayers.  We recite each portion of their offering, followed by a short prayer.  For the text of today’s Nasi, go here.

This is also the month that Moses saw the burning bush and when Esther got the decree of Haman annulled by King Achashverosh.

So it really is a month of miracles, as the name indicates.  Nissan comes from the word “nes” which means miracle in Hebrew.  It’s a very auspicious time and we should take this opportunity to give extra tzedakah and take on a new mitzvah (or do a mitzvah in a better way).  With G-d’s assistance from above, especially during this month of miracles, it’s bound to be successful!

~Rabbi Yossi

P.S. It’s customary to sell your chametz (leavened products) during the Passover holiday so as not to transgress the prohibition of owning chametz on Passover.  Please go here to sell your chametz online.  It only takes a minute and it’s a mitzvah 🙂

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