Your Jewish Home Away From Home at SUNY Oswego

Campus Community

At Chabad we are dedicated to help strengthen the feeling of Jewish community at SUNY Oswego!

Through our social, cultural, and educational events, we are privileged to serve the entire Jewish community, irrespective of background or style of observance.

Our warm and friendly atmosphere has earned us a reputation as a “home away from home”.  Check out what we offer!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


  • Sinai Scholars Fellowship
  • Jewish Lending Library
  • One-on-One Learning

Dorm Life:

  • Mezuzah Bank
  • Chicken Soup Delivery
  • Midnight Breakfast Delivery
  • Book Buyback


  • Girls Night Out
  • International Jewish Student Shabbaton
  • Bonfires/BBQs


  • Shabbat dinners
  • High Holidays
  • Chanukah Celebrations
  • Passover Seder and Meal Plan