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After over a year of scandal, we’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for the anticipated release of the document which would give us a behind the scenes look at the highest echelons.

This week, it finally came!  The best memo of all, the Torah!

In this week’s Torah portion G-d, Himself, came down on Mt. Sinai to deliver the Torah to the Jewish people.

For a year, they witnessed Moses deliberating with Pharaoh, plagues wrought on the Egyptians and miracles the never witnessed before or since.

But why did G-d have to give the Torah to the Jewish people in the desert?  Couldn’t he have just given it to them in the land of Egypt, in their homes.  Wouldn’t that have been easier.

The reason is that had they been given the Torah at home, in their community, they could easily make the argument that the Torah is for when we’re home or in the city with Jewish infrastructure: kosher butchers around the corner, judaica shops nearby.  How can I keep Shabbat when I’m not in a Jewish community where everyone else is doing the same?

No, no, no! The Torah is applicable everywhere and every time. Even in the desert, where there’s no other civilization, G-d’s eternal law must be followed.

How much more so today when even in a non-Jewish area (like Oswego :-P) we have access to anything we want thanks to mass production and the internet. Need to learn Torah? Go to Chabad.org (or contact your local rabbi). Need kosher food? About 40% of items in your local store are kosher anyway (not to mention services that will mail you groceries). Need tefillin? You can have them ordered and shipped all the way from Israel (or NYC, LA, Montreal, whatever) with the click of a mouse or a phone call).

In today’s global economy, Judaism is right at your fingertips, even in a place which seems like a Jewish wilderness. So pick a mitzvah you aren’t doing yet and click away! You’ll be glad you did. And you don’t have to keep it a secret since the memo was declassified 3,330 years ago!

Have a great week!
~Rabbi Yossi Madvig

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