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Now That He’s in Power…



Once he took office, death and destruction ensued!  He’s adversely affected heath care, water safety, and the ecosystem!  On one side, millions are protesting to get him out and on the other side, millions are cheering his arrival.

That’s right, Moses is reeking havoc on Egypt.  This week’s parsha details the first seven plagues and boy are they ugly.  From water becoming blood to famine and disease, the Egyptians are begging for relief and the Jews are finally free from slave labor.

I would like to briefly focus on the first two plagues: blood and frogs.  What can we learn from them?

Well, blood is warm and water (that which turned into blood) is typically cold.  Torah is compared to water. While we might typically view Torah study as a cold, intellectual endeavor, we must train ourselves to infuse it with warmth and vitality.

The frogs that plagued Egypt were everywhere.  Yes, even there!  In fact, they would even jump into the Egyptian’s ovens.  This shows us how we have to have self sacrifice to follow what Hashem wants.  It’s not always easy and may even be detrimental to what we want.  But we have to trust that Hashem knows what He’s doing and that even if it seems bad for us, it’s ultimate result will be magnificent.

Have a great week!
~Rabbi Yossi

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