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Kabbalah Indicates Broncos Win Superbowl

You’re probably wondering how Kabbalah can determine the outcome of Superbowl 50. So, here it goes:
There is a well known Jewish practice called gematria. It’s sort of like the Jewish version of numerology. Every letter has a number associated with it. The word life in Hebrew is CHAI. There are 2 letters that make up the word (chet – 8, yud – 10) As it turns out, Payton Manning’s number, 18, is the numerical value of the word life. This is a clear case of heavenly blessing ­čśŤ

But seriously, how does this connect to our Torah portion. Well, you’d be surprised!

This week’s Torah portion, Trumah, discusses the building plans for the mishkan, the portable temple that the Jews traveled with in the desert. Many of the Jewish people donated their time, energy, and materials to the construction and upkeep of this marvelous structure and it was the focal point of their worship and celebration during their time in the desert. When a holiday came, everyone went to the mishkan (and after, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem). And there were many animal offerings brought to the alter.

The NFL is a non-profit organization and the Superbowl is it’s big focal point. With thousands of people donating their time, energy and money to the game. And animals will be slaughtered (either Panthers or Broncos, neither of which would make kosher offerings for the Temple :-P).

Another amazing connection is that this week’s parsha is called Trumah. That means donation, as in the donations to the mishkan.

The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has vowed to be “the most giving Super Bowl ever,” and will dedicate 25 percent of all money it raises for philanthropic causes in the Bay Area.

So follow in the Superbowl’s footsteps and go to www.jewishoswego.org/donate to really make this “the most giving Super Bowl ever!”

Plus, they’re playing at Levi’s Stadium. Which of the tribes had the job to serve in the mishkan/temple? That’s right, Levi. Pretty cool, huh?

Enjoy the game!
~Rabbi Yossi

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