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Get Out!


This week’s Torah portion is called Ki Teitzei.  It means, “When you go out….” It then goes on to talk about over 70 different mitzvot that are relatively unconnected.  There are so many lessons to learn in this week’s parsha, but I want to speak generally.

What does it mean to “go out”?  It means that you leave the familiar.  You get out of your house and go into the world.  And what happens out there?  Well, that’s where all of the excitement is.

Outside of your cozy little space, you will encounter a variety of experiences.  From birth to death; marriage, impurity, building, war, growth and so much more.  How are we supposed to catch all that life will throw at us?  Well, the Torah tells us what to do in just about every situation.  But I think the first step is the name of this week’s parsha, “Go out!”

If you you sit and do nothing but remain in your own, default mindset, then you’ll never be able to fully experience the fullness of life.  The Torah demands that we disengage with our earthly view of life and live in a G-dly way.  Experience the world by going out of ourselves, and into the Torah!

Our student president is one such person who has “gone out” to experience what we have to offer.  He wanted to share a short message with you:

“My name is Cy Sassouni, I’m a Junior here at Oswego, and I’m President of our school’s Chabad Club.

Being a member of Chabad since my Freshman year has truly developed my social career here at Oswego. Chabad prides itself on being a “home away from home”. From firsthand experience, this cannot be more accurate. Whether it’s having a delicious, home-cooked Shabbat meal, participating in a social event, or being there for anything you need, Rabbi Yossi and Chana truly go above and beyond to accommodate everyone at Oswego. Perhaps the biggest testament to our thriving Jewish life on campus can be seen in a few weeks when we have no classes for the High Holidays. As a Jewish student, it’s a great feeling to be able to spend the holidays at home with family.

G’mar Chatimah Tovah and Shanah Tovah”

May you be able to live life to fullest and have a fresh, spiritual perspective on even the most mundane of tasks!

Rabbi Yossi

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