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Fire and Fury


He has demanded that we go to our enemies land and it will be utterly destroyed, smashed, burned and cut down!

That’s right, the Jewish people are told by G-d to destroy all traces of idol worship in the land of Israel.  We are also enjoined to keep the commandments or there will be terrible curses upon the Jewish people (as described in a few Torah portions from now).

What’s with all of the bluster and fanfare.  Why can’t G-d just ask nicely and that’s it.  Does He really need to threaten us?

The truth is that they aren’t threats at all.  For example: there are lots of rules to driving a car: wear your seat-belt, follow the speed limit, use your turn signal, check your mirrors, obey traffic lights, etc., etc., etc.

Imagine if most of the population decided not to follow most of the traffic laws.  There would be utter chaos!  Forget tickets, there would be injury, death and destruction all around us.  This isn’t a punishment for not following the rules, but a natural consequence for not working within the system the way it was created to function.

Likewise, G-d created the world to function in a certain way.  Not only that, but He created a spiritual dimension, as well.  And these two facets of creation, the physical and the spiritual, are intrinsically connected.  They are to be in harmony with each other for each to behave appropriately.

G-d is telling us, “Look, I made this land to work a certain way.  If you want to be able to stay in it and live peacefully and happily, then this is how you’ve got to behave.  If not, the whole system will break down and make your lives miserable.”

Therefore, the best way to achieve a harmonious situation for the Jewish people is one mtizvah, then another and yet another.  If we continue to fill the world with goodness and G-dliness, it will unleash a power the likes of which the world has never seen before!

~Rabbi Yossi

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