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Executive Order Reversed!


In an unprecedented move, the chief executive’s order has been completely reversed!

G‑d told Moses, “Go and tell Betzalel to make for Me a Mishkan, with an ark and other furniture.” Moses, though, reversed the order and said to Betzalel, “Make an ark, furniture and a Mishkan.” To which Betzalel replied, “Our teacher Moses! The usual practice is to build a house and then bring in the furniture. You are telling me to make an ark, furniture, and [then] a Mishkan—where will I be placing the furniture that I will be building? Perhaps G‑d instructed you this way: make a Mishkan, [then] an ark and other furniture?”

Said Moses to him: “Were you betzel E‑l, in the shadow of G‑d, that you know this? This is indeed how G‑d instructed me! (Talmud, Berachot 55a)

But what was Moses thinking?  If G-d gave a command, then why would Moses change it?

The answer is that Moses was and extremely holy visionary.  He saw the world, despite it’s imperfections, as a dwelling place for G-d.  Therefore, he reasoned, let the ark and other vessels be exposed to the world, not closed off and out of site.

Betzalel, on the other hand was an architect and a handy man.  A realist, as it were.  Sure, the world is G-d’s creation and ultimately will be transformed into a dwelling place for G-d.  But until that final revelation takes place, it makes more sense to build the Temple first, then the vessels.

Both perspectives are valuable and useful in life. We need to have Moses’ idealism.  Just because the world isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean that we have to acquiesce to the reality of the situation.  We must always have our eye on the end goal and trust that it’s right around the corner.

On the other hand, we can’t get so carried away that we forget about what still needs to be done in the here and now in order to make that dream a reality.

How do we get there?  Every time Torah is studied, a mini revelation, similar to that of mount Sinai, is effected. Every object utilized in the performance of a mitzvah is enveloped by a surge of divinity, similar to that of the Tabernacle.

So learn Torah and do another mitzvah, and pray for the day that Moses’ vision becomes Betzalel’s reality with the coming of Moshiach very soon!

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