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Executive Order: Kick Them All Out!


With the executive authority vested in him, he has taken it upon himself to expel the meddlesome foreigners once and for all!

After a year of catastrophe and disease, Pharaoh has had enough.  He commanded Moses and Aaron to round up the Jews and take them out.

But it’s not so simple.  You see, Pharaoh came in the middle of the night, right after they had finished their Seder and the first born were killed. Pharaoh wanted them out NOW!  But Moses replied straight faced that the Jews would not sneak out in the middle of the night light common thieves, but leave as dignified human beings in the broad daylight.

This is a very important lesson to us.  Many times, when we need to do a mitzvah, we will settle for the quickest, easiest way to get it done.  Need a mezuzah?  Grab that $25 one at the synagogue shop.  Need some tefillin?  I heard you can get a $99 pair from Israel.

Look, I understand that money can be tight.  You do realize that I ask people for donations as a part of my job, right?  But when it comes to fulfilling G-d’s commands, we need to do it in the best possible way.  You don’t have to buy the $100 mezuzah or the $1200 pair of tefillin, but live a little, would ya 😛  And please, get them checked every now and then.  After all, you spent the money on it, you may as well make sure they’re still kosher 🙂

Also, keep in mind that so many mitzvah items are for the rest of your life (or close to it) so you should make a good investment.  If you would like some advice on where to shop or what you should be looking for, I’d be glad to help!

Have a great week!
~Rabbi Yossi

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