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Bush Gone and You-Know-Who is Chosen

The whole Sinai story began with a burning bush.  And after finally coming back to Mt. Sinai, I expected to see it again.  But it didn’t make a reappearance.  Instead, Moses goes up the mountain and speaks to G-d directly.

Then, after waiting around for 40 days, many of the Jews gave up on Moses and chose to make a golden calf their leader.

The problem?  Too much gold!  The Jews had received a ton of wealth from the Egyptians when they left and even more at the sea when the Egyptians were drown.  So what did they do with it?  They built a golden calf to worship it.

But G-d didn’t strip them of their gold or even forbid gold altogether.  Instead, He told them to take their gold and build a Temple for G-d in the dessert.

Likewise, we shouldn’t be ashamed of what wealth we have, but use that wealth for goodness and holiness.  It’s not how much you have, but what you do with it.  So give more charity, splurge on a pair of tefillin or the really nice mezuzah.  It’s your Torah, flaunt it 🙂

~Rabbi Yossi

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